Katie Ermilio - 奧斯卡影后、摩納哥傳奇王妃 Grace Kelly 專屬御用服裝造型師之孫女,因著這樣的家庭背景,耳濡目染的使她設計的服裝都充滿著故事性。


Katie Ermilio 的爺爺非常熱衷於設計,從他專為在奧古斯塔所舉辦的高爾夫球名人賽事所設計最具指標性的 Green Jacket,以及為二戰所設計的軍用短外套中可以看見,這些不只啟發了 Katie Ermilio 對時尚的熱愛,甚至開啟了她的創作之路。從 12 歲為自己設計出第一件舞會洋裝後,Katie 憑藉著這般熱情及信念奠定了她的時尚王國。


28 歲的 Katie,長時間在爸爸的服裝訂製店中學習縫紉技術,這樣的經歷更是讓她對於服裝的結構原理與設計基礎瞭若指掌。她深知現代女性的需求,在她的衣服中沒有繁雜的線條、更沒有奢侈華麗的綴飾,而是利用立體的剪裁融入在柔和的布料中,完美的讓現代女性詮釋出永恆經典,同時也讓她的品牌成功脫穎而出。


而在今日,人們常常可以在 TEEN Vogue 上看到 Katie Ermilio 的服裝,並在華爾街日報及 Vogue 澳洲版等大量露出。她的服裝銷售版圖遍及全世界,甚至她的系列作品以及設計生涯都受到紐約時報 The Moment、ELLE 及 Women’s Wear Daily 的高度關注。



As the granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier, it’s easy to see a sense of history in Katie Ermilio’s clothes.


From the iconic Green Jacket her grandfather designed for The Masters Tournament at Augusta, to the Eisenhower Jacket he created for World War II, Katie’s legacy has inspired not only her love of fashion, but also the garments she creates. Designing clothes from the time she was 12, Katie continues to draw on the heritage that shapes her work.


At 28, a life-long education in tailoring acquired in her father’s custom clothing shop acquainted Katie with the principles of construction and fundamentals of design. Infusing each distinctly feminine piece with sharp tailoring and soft drape, her clothes embody the modern interpretation of timeless dress.


Today, Katie’s work has been featured on TEEN Vogue’s very pages and in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to VOGUE Australia. Her designs are sold across the world in destination specialty stores and boutiques including Barneys New York. The New York Times' The Moment, ELLE, and Women’s Wear Daily have each highlighted her collections and career in design.