Snob 引進多個來自倫敦、巴黎、紐約等新銳設計師品牌。所有單品皆由 Vivienne 精挑細選,結合藝術、電影、音樂等靈感,打造專屬於 Snob 的品味。
空間的發想來自 Vivienne 求學期間,於倫敦中央聖馬丁學院(Central Saint Martins)先後主修藝術與時尚,兩個看似極端卻同時擁有平衡元素的科系; 以非完美的和諧呈現,用一點叛逆、一點傳統、自由的方式發掘平衡點。 像進入另一個世界,天馬行空的創造出不一樣的穿衣哲學。

   Snob is a subtly hidden shopping destination, with the concept of a private closet. Located on a quiet street in Taipei's downtown shopping district, the space features a hand-picked selection of designer pieces and vintage collectibles from around the world. We cater to the picky shopper who interprets fashion with unique sophistication and personality. With references to film, music, art and design, Snob is a taste with a highly curated sense of colour, shape and style, combined with a strong appreciation for quality and rarity.



“Eat Well, Dress Well, Be Silly.”